Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dying Earth

Have you read the papers recently? They are all screaming about global warming. On a poll conducted recently, a question was asked. “Do you think the warnings on global warming are exaggerated?” Nearly 98% of them answered “yes”. Clearly, people are not as concerned as they ought to be. And the papers are doing a good job. They are stressing on the point that the earth is going to be doomed if we don’t do something about this matter. But of course, people have heard the word “Global Warming” so often that they regard it with distaste and boredom. “Everywhere it says the same thing,” they groan, “Everyone talks about global warming. It is bugging me.”
But the fact is, it needs to be talked about. It is our future. Our planet’s future. How is it that no one is getting alarmed about this? Why isn’t anybody scared about the ill-fate of our planet? Why is it that the early warning signs of a dangerous and perilous future that is in store for us not considered seriously? Why is the fact that Bangalore has a probable seismic fault not ringing a bell?

I admit, I am alarmed. I just want people to understand. Visualize the future of Indian Subcontinent and it will horrify you. By 2035, the Himalayas will melt, the Ganges and the Indus will become seasonal, other rivers will dry up. Temperatures will soar so much that today’s Bangalorian weather will be nothing compared to it. Kerala will be submerged under water. Be sure to catch an early visit to the Maldives, because it will not exist for your grand-children to see. 30% of the world’s species will become extinct. ¼ th of all the mammals on earth will die. Asia has already lost 90% of it’s original wildlife. When I become 30 years old people will be pointing at photographs of Rhinos and saying “Gee, it seems such a species of animals existed once”
By 2060, A whopping BILLION people will be forced to migrate from Asian and other poor countries because of horrible climatic conditions in Asia. More than a MILLION people will suffer from shortage of food and water. And most of us will be alive to witness all this. 2035 is not too distant after all. So we need to be bothered. Global warming’s already started and it’s happening now. And guess who will suffer first from the impact? You guessed it! The Tropical countries. Africa, India, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka. That means us too. It amazes me how we are still alive in the environment that we have created. People in Bangalore are living in the 7th most polluted city in India, and we are still adding to the pollution. Looking at the Bangalorian streets, the absolute lack of fauna, it seems to me that nobody really cares for the up gradation of the environment. Only thing that I can see is buildings rising from every nook and corner. Amazing Architectural marvels. But what the people don’t understand is that, if they just contribute that same space to build a park instead of an apartment complex for personal profit, they will be benefiting the earth. And if they continue to ignore my advice, it is no surprise that in the distant future, a massive earthquake will bring these structures crumbling down.


Badri said...

Ok. Global warming is a "supposedly" man-made issue and can be overcome and possibly even reversed by engineering green processes. I use "supposedly" because of the lack of consensus on the issue. There are quite a few respected and rational individuals who would argue that random stochastic variations (of large magnitude) in global temperature have been happening for centuries even before man had any significant impact on this planet. In any case, I am sure there is wide spread agreement that unbridled pollution is certainly hurting the planet, by way of global warming or otherwise.

But seismic faults are a whole different issue over which humans have very little say and we can only resist earthquake forces but have not way of preventing those forces from showing up. We do not have any hand in causing it either. I somehow sensed that you are weighing these two issues on the same balance.

Good to see your post and your concern. All the best.