Monday, June 30, 2008

First Friends

For me, the days in Cupertino have been swift, rapidly melting away, spent…..until I find myself facing the day I’ll once again step into college, which will be tomorrow. In the beginning, I saw my surroundings barren, devoid of anything interesting. Now, I have come to realize that adapting to any environment is a gradual process---one that slowly blends you into the fabric of the community. It took patient days of silent discovery for me to truly realize my surroundings, something which offered a brighter perspective of everything…there is an ambience to this place which sooths my restless soul, there are the fresh winds, and sparrows in my balcony to play with my bird-food. Something I am grateful for….for the dreamer in me, these are treats---something which I relish and savor. I can sense celebration everywhere.

The newness of this atmosphere has refreshed me. I find it pleasant to spend my evenings on my brand new bicycle (meant to say bike), watch those feathered friends squabble over the food (inevitably reminds me of my squirrels back home), or simply relax on the new furniture. I spent one lazy afternoon photographing some of the sparrows. As I have found nothing more worthwhile to blog about, I thought of posting some of these photographs. They’re not perfect, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!! These have turned out to be my first friends!