Monday, June 30, 2008

First Friends

For me, the days in Cupertino have been swift, rapidly melting away, spent…..until I find myself facing the day I’ll once again step into college, which will be tomorrow. In the beginning, I saw my surroundings barren, devoid of anything interesting. Now, I have come to realize that adapting to any environment is a gradual process---one that slowly blends you into the fabric of the community. It took patient days of silent discovery for me to truly realize my surroundings, something which offered a brighter perspective of everything…there is an ambience to this place which sooths my restless soul, there are the fresh winds, and sparrows in my balcony to play with my bird-food. Something I am grateful for….for the dreamer in me, these are treats---something which I relish and savor. I can sense celebration everywhere.

The newness of this atmosphere has refreshed me. I find it pleasant to spend my evenings on my brand new bicycle (meant to say bike), watch those feathered friends squabble over the food (inevitably reminds me of my squirrels back home), or simply relax on the new furniture. I spent one lazy afternoon photographing some of the sparrows. As I have found nothing more worthwhile to blog about, I thought of posting some of these photographs. They’re not perfect, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!! These have turned out to be my first friends!


Kadalabal said...

wah!!! really great first friends and capturing them in small screen and putting them here is shows your committment and love for nature and others creatures apart from human beigs. sometimes these friends give you lot of peace as they cannot bug bug and bore you like all of us
have great friends go on look on your new bike you will find many have great day. when your school will start so u r back to school

Deepti said...

hey, what you have written is touching, and its great. what can i say? my god, its really wonderfull!

Karthik said...


Congrats on finding your new friends in an unknown land. That was a good piece of writing.
I remember reading your tribute to Shri Poornachandra Tejaswi who is one of my most favorite writer as well and somehow the google desktop search on my system seems to have captured that link as part of customized alerts on my system. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep them going.

Vidhya said...

Hi, It does take a while to make new friends and adapt to new surroundings. I am sure you will find a lot of solace in these feathered friends!

Indrani said...

Good for a start, loved the shots of your new feathered friends. And good keep dreaming... dreams are a must for realization of new goals in life.

Kadalabal said...

you need to change your about me and say now what u r doing do u agree?
how are nature friends they are real cool one and no words to express the happiness when u enjoy with ur pets. true to core they are best friends one can have when no body is around


Gurooji said...

Love your blog.
Keep up the good work!
Particularly liked the post on what you miss. Hope you're better acclimatized now :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

The land maybe unknown,but people are the same.Good that you found friends.

Lovely pics! :)

Lakshmi said... write so life is so much fun..the pictures are lovely..thanks for dropping in to my blog..

ತೇಜಸ್ವಿನಿ ಹೆಗಡೆ- said...


Excellent Pics! Good Luck :)

Ash said...

Wow - what a truly delightful blog. I'll surely be back. Thank you for visitng my blog!

Wishing the promising young writer all the very best :-)


How did you get the birds to stay put?

And BTW , maybe a couple more of my missiles (mails) are in your Spam!