Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Day of College

Finally having finished another exam, my mind is now diverted once again to Harry Potter, Muggles, witches and wizards, after a tiring week of trying to remember words like “Myocardial Infarction” and “Electromagnetic potential”. I skimmed through my previous posts, which I hadn’t done in a long time, and found a nice suggestion, advising me to talk about my college life.

Ah, yes, I have so much to talk about college…I guess I’ll start today because I haven’t ever written about college in my previous posts. My college days are quick, happy and generally more comforting than school. But I won’t forget how it all started off, a little more than a year ago. It was after my tenth, I applied to nearly 4 colleges, out of which three let me down. I studied in Kumarans school till tenth, and my college welcomed me warmly, and I was happy I was returning to the Kumarans family once more, I secured a seat in Kumarans college…and initially, college did not feel like college at all.

The first day was something like a dream, I remember I was in a pink dress, with my hair neat and tied up and very confused at to how to find my classroom. My timid heart was welling with excitement, my face was red and alert, and there were butterflies in my stomach. But I found my classroom, and there were people…so many new faces, it would be difficult, I thought, to find a friend. I found my schoolmate, Shalini was in the same class, and it was with relief that I stuck to her, talking to her, the only familiar face, out of fifty-eight unknowns. But there was certainly that feeling that I had suddenly grown up, I was in college, somehow, I found the truth unconvincing.

Now, I look back…it’s been an year. Just a sweet small year, I can’t believe first PU got over so quickly. Now, I know everybody quite well, school friends have gently slipped away from my iron hand, and I have found some new friends. Do you people remember your first days of college? I would be like it if you could share your experiences with me.


GVK said...

No ragging?

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said... college is strict--very. Some people hate all the strict buisness--like how I need to tie my hair up, no jeans all that...but that's perfectly suiting for me. Atleast no ragging...thank god! I am too timid to really take something like that..I bet I would have run back home, crying or something like that.

GVK said...

A related blog you might want to look up - Vijaya High Chronicle.

Maddy said...

how different it all is, we had a months ragging and you wont belive how it went, i had planned to write about it someday, but i am not sure...

Abraham Tharakan said...

That is very nicely written and makes an imprint on the mind. I am sure that your parents and Kumarans School are proud of you.

Unfortunately I remember hardly anything about my first day in college even though I have published a post today about joining college in Bangalore. But even if I did remember, it is unlikely that I could write about it as well as you have done.

I have a grandson who is your age and doing Plus-2 in Chennai.

All the best Lakshmi.

Vikram said...

I had attended kumarans between 96-98.
Gr8 academic college, wonderful class, beautiful garden and mezzanine floor to play all day.
Then it used to be beyond konankunte cross in a rustic environment.
Hope the college maintains its dignity.
Am a doc currently, happened to stumble accidentally