Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More on the Book Binder

In one of my previous posts named 'THE BOOK BINDER' (Sorry, I don't know how to link to previous posts, perhaps, a little help here?), I had talked about my favorite book-binding shop down Ghandi Bazaar road which will be closed down in the near future, and the cause for it all, is the rapid urbanization of my city. I finally suceeded in getting the pictures of this book-binding shop, the temple, and Ghandi Bazaar road, as I felt it necessary to give you the complete picture of the scenario. For those of you who have read that post of mine, this will be an additional delight (or I hope so), for those of you who haven't, I request you to go through it in your spare time.

Quick note: What's happening?
This is a very old book binding shop, opened in the 1960's in NR colony, Bangalore,and quality book binding is undertaken here. This is the place, faithfully, where I give my tinkle comic books for binding every year. But now, the shop has to close down. The Reasons?

A supermarket has come up next to this old shop

The supermarket wants more space, and the owner of the shop, who has rented the place to the binder is preassurizing him to close down

The man has agreed, because he is not doing good buisness of late

Who is the man?
That man there, in the photograph, is my book-binder. He is a faithful, devoted man. He has long years of expereince, and is very talented because, he learnt the art of book-binding long ago from the last of the Bristish before they left our country. He has been working every since, elsewhere in Bangalore, and then he moved over to NR colony in the 1960's. He has witnessed the independence movement too, and he is in Bangalore for a long long time. He can tell me how my city was, fifty years ago! The man says, even his workers have stopped showing up for work, because they get better salary somewhere else...he is now forced to do everything alone, and he is distressed, and unhappy. I have observed of late, his reflexes have slowed, and he speaks with a slight stutter. This man is in a real predicament, and I don't know how to help him, I don't know what a small teenager like me can do...what an aweful waste of talent, if he closes down! I really don't want that to happen. I need advise. Any suggestions?


Maddy said...

I am not so sure, you can do much, yes i understand the sentiments, but time & tide do bring sorrows. he could relocate for one to the suburbs and find a small shed to lease, and tie up with colleges / schools for binding work. maybe you could help there.

Seenu said...

Dear L.Bharadwaj.
I have read your post earlier on this,I am very much in agreement with your line of thinking.
There are a few points I wouldlike to make here.
1. Once you decide that you help this person, nothing should stop you from carrying out your wish to help him.

4.If that is not accepted, then ask the book binder where he would like to relocate and see ( with the help of near and dear ones) if you could find out such a location to continue his profession.
5. Nothing helps better than giving more and more work to that gentleman in future wherever he is re-located. You can pursue your kith and kin and friends to give more assignments to him
6. Pl. let us know, through this forum,about directly providing financial assistance to him either through a lump sum contribution or monthly contribution till he relocates himself in a newer place.
For eg., 50 to 100 likeminded people can ( you can count me to be one) contribute either Rs.500 or Rs.1000 or higher sum as lumpsum contribution or Rs 100 or Rs 200 monthly till he settles down.
5. Pl.let me know your views on the suggestions given . You can contact me at adiseenu@gmail.com

With best wishes

GVK said...

Nice thought & gesture, Seenu. Wonder if you have in mind a society or group to put in place your plan to mobilise contributions from the like-minded.
Lakshmi's persuasive writings that apparently has triggered your thoughts, Seenu, could be embellished into a workable programme, involving Lakshmi's Tinkle Club (is it functioning?)and parents and public spirited adults.
In the case of book-binding, I wonder if a local school could be persuaded to allot working space for the binder on their premises, so that students can give him work. Seenu suggests we explore ways to help the binder by giving him more work. If a school/schools can adopt him, Seenu's suggestion of collective contribution could help the binder's rehabilitation.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

I think this is a wonderful suggestion and I wonder what my book-binder will say. I will speak to him. Yes, my Tinkle Club is functioning, but weekly, because I am pretty busy studying, and some of them are so far away and we hardly meet, but is somehow we meet once in a month. I really appreciate your gesture, Mr. Seenu. Thank you for the wonderful support.

Seenu said...

Dear L.Bharadwaj,
Thanks for the reply. Two more comments of mine got somehow (mysteriously?) deleted from your blog.They were points 2 and 3 which are given below:
2.Consult your parents before you start your action. Ask for their suggestion and their cooperation.
3. Consult the book binder before taking action. He may give his own suggestions. This will help in finding ways which are more useful to him than what we would like to do (impose on him).His self respect may force him to reject any offer, but that should not deter us in persuading him.

Yes, we know that you are busy with studies. But can't you take a few minutes to discuss this with your parents?

with best wishes.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Yes, I think I need to talk to the man himself first. I cannot decide anything for him. And how come the messages got deleted? I did not delete them.

Seenu said...

Never mind,
Go ahead.
best wishes

Kadalabal said...

your writings are really good and at such young age your interest in these things are amazing go ahead and achieve what you aspire to become
all the best take care and do well


RK said...

hello lakshmi,
loved the post on the book binder.
continue the great job.

as i was unable to post my comment here, have mailed u info abt how to give links. plz chk ur mailbox.

best wishes