Saturday, October 13, 2007

My October holidays

October is one of my favorite months, not only because my birthday falls in October, but my dussera holidays are always fun, and my october holidays are usually meanigfully spent. As a kid, October only meant Granny's house and Mysore's classic Dussera celebrations, but this year it's a bit more. I'm touring Los Angeles right now, and Papa's promised a visit to DisneyLand tomorrow--my exotic birthday present. Stritly speaking, we are not here for holidaying, we're here for some 'extremely important official buisness', but I haven;t bothered to learn about it. Right now, I'm feeling like a battery who is being charged. As Mr. GVK had mentioned in one of his blogs, life tends to go in slow-motion when you are in the United States, and well, i have decided to make the most of it, while I am here. After an extremely fast-paced lifestyle, I have decided to simply take life easy. In fact, lethragy suits me so perfectly that I can lounge for days together. The guilty feeling is that I am feeling like an escapist right now...I'll be missing my tutions, and Mr. KRN of BASE will be wondering what has happened to this girl who has suddenly dissaperared from tutions for fifteen days...and I've left a lot of work stagnating back home. But the sad part remains I missed my college trip to calicut and classmates tried to make me jealous by saying I was missing something very important in life, and the truth is, I would rather miss disneyland to go to that's just a pity I missed it. But when I return next Sunday, I'm sure most of my classmates will be twittering and asking me about my trip, while the truth is, I will be feeling hollow inside, learning they probably had more fun than I could ever imagine.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me your email.Wish I was quick to give mine.
It is great that you are in Los Angles.I am in Garden State.Will definitely contact you again.
Quite impressed by your writing.

currently off line and contact again in october-end.P.S.
i have disabled my account temporarily. Hope you don't mind.

Mysore Madhu said...

Make the most of it Lakshmi. You can always pick up something to make your class mates jelous!!

Have a great time

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

I know, i will, Mr. Madhu...I really need to find something to make them jeolous. :) So, Ramya mam, you are from New jersey?

Sneha said...

Hey Lakshmi!

You write really really really well! It is a joy in itself to be reading your blog, there are so many things I can relate to! Well, keep writing! I had a blog, but I deleted it because I had no time to write and I couldn't bear to see it bare so i deleted it ):
well anw, i shall be making one so i'll let you know yeah!
i am so sorry i couldn't stay at home when you came that day, i had sch so yeah...we'll defn catch up when you come again, which i hope will be in the near future yes (:

take care till then
have fun in the states!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Hello Sneha!
Nice to hear from you! How did you find me? That was some great sluething. Anayway, I'm sure that you can write better than me, so create that blog and please do tell!:) Would you mind mailing me your e-mail ID? I know you had given it to me sometime back, I forgot. Mail me on, ok? Keep writitng and I'll surely keep in touch.

Maddy said...

well, well you missed a trip to calicut & wynad and opted for LA..
i wonder what to say to that..I guess you can see calicut some other time, it is only a bus journey away - the place where de gama landed...