Monday, December 8, 2008

Arise India

Recently, I was shaken by the Mumbai terror attacks. A few days later, I watched the movie, A Wednesday, and this had my head spinning. The news of death, destruction and a movie concerning terrorists made me feel quite ill. I grew a bit pessimistic about the fate of my country. Then, a friend was kind enough to remind me that all was not as bad at it seems. When I ventured to find out what this person was talking about, I stumbled across the Arise India organization. I was awed by the work they were doing, and was so inspired that I practically begged to write a guest post on their blog. I thought it would be apt to discuss the work they are doing here. (

I was genuinely surprised with their story. Arise India was formed by a bunch of teenagers who have recognized that there are some problems in our country that need fixing, and that youth participation is vital to bring about change of any kind. They conceived a vision, and Arise India project was born. I was delighted to know that some of my former classmates had become active participants, along with many other faceless friends I am yet to meet. I salute their efforts, and am truly fascinated with the way they have managed to achieve all that they have within a time span of less than a year. They have been involved in a massive effort to change the way our teenagers think. They have been talking in schools, trying earnestly to revive patriotism in the hearts of children who have a very constricted view of this country. Today, they have broadened the horizons of thinking for many, and they earnestly hope that their movement will assume national proportions. What has interested me is that a majority of Arise India are teenagers, no younger than nineteen years of age, and they have already managed some media attention, and have established their cause. They are rapidly progressing towards success, fundraising, speaking in public forums and discussing issues of importance on the internet. Talk about achievement!

I learnt that it just started as a group of friends---teenagers who were fed up with extended holidays and thought they needed to do active work of some kind. They were lucky enough to receive guidance and encouragement just when they required it. A common passion can changed these people into truly committed individuals, and I have witnessed this. Passion stirs them, catalyzing action. Today, I am really proud of my classmates, and many other teenagers who have shown (and are still showing) the world that change can come only if there is participation.

They have taught me that the youth of today hold the promises of the future. They have shown me our future middle-aged citizens are not going to be careless fools like most fear and they have revived my hopes and interests in my country’s future. I thank them for that. They have received only a limited attention from the public, and a lukewarm response to their wonderful efforts. So, I felt it was befitting to inform you of their existence, and am respectfully completing this duty. I wish them all the best for all their future endeavors.Please do go through their website if you do have time to learn about how they plan to bring about change. ( I encourage everyone who lives in Bangalore to become part of Arise India. For those who are part of it, I think it will be an experience of a lifetime.


praneshachar said...

it is indeed heartening to note about the arise india. it is need of the hour and happy to note the youth of bangalore have taken a lead and I wish them all successs in their efforts and endeavours.
Lakshmi you have shown your committment to india and for our shanti marga. future lies in the hands of today youth like you. India has got vast talent hope in the next deade all will be diverted to make india a country who will be respected by the whole world and we become a very important force to reckon with. I feel days are not too far and with efforts from youth across the country this is possible
positive mind positive thinking can take our country on path of development and brig glory to country which has got long standing heritage and history

Praveen G K said...

That's a warm article, and good to know that there is a nice organization which is actively involved to keep India in good stead!!!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Mr. Pranesh and Mr. Praveen: Thanks you. With encouragement from people like you, I'm sure Arise India can reach greater heights.

Swarna said...

Excellent, thanks for sharing that, Lakshmi.
That's what we need - change from the grassroots level. It's comforting that more people have awaken now, and some have arisen - sure way to achieve what Swami Vivekananda extolled

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Thanks, Mrs. Swarna, for visiting. Yes, they seem to have adopted the vision of Swami Vivekanada and inculcated it into their group ideology. Please do visit their website for more. Thanks!