Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remembering the ‘March Finals’

Sometimes, life comes at you fast. I thought so as I rushed to pick up my books before my afternoon session of classes. I spied on my brother’s calendar for no particular reason and observed that it was already the 17th of March. It didn’t mean anything significant, other than the fact that it was already over a year since I wrote my PU boards. Here I was now, a year later: absorbed, confident, and inching towards the uncertain boundaries of the future. It was as if timelessness had enveloped my life, as if I had forgotten myself in it.

As the realization stuck me, I felt like that person who had seen a ghost for the first time. Life had moved on at such a terrific pace that I actually struggled to realize that it was already the march of 2009. I wouldn’t have disagreed if someone had asserted that it was still last year. Things had certainly changed since then, and it made me catch my breath in surprise.

The exams had been so slow back then. All had been different in the season of the ‘March finals’. There had been that tingling sensation in my nerves as the boards loomed closer and closer. I can clearly recall staring out of my window, escaping to the most fantastic dreamlands when studying felt too draining. I remember I had even religiously given up on reading the paper and answering the telephone because advises had made me even more nervous. In the ‘March Finals’ season, everything had felt important. My entire world had felt like it depended on this one experience: The exams were my life, and March seemed synonymous with only that. The days had stretched on endlessly, and the nights had been too short for revision. There had been pencil marks at the back of the textbook to tick off the end of every exam. I had cursed time for being so sluggish, as if everything on was its fault.

This March is so different. I write many exams, but I don’t panic. I don’t feverishly recite a million formulas in my head before entering the exam hall. I don’t wrestle with a teacher to complete lengthy passages anymore. Sometimes, I wish I could. For one thing, I don't hear the wisper of "All the Best," anymore. But March still stands for the same old things for all those students who are writing their exams this year. I caught myself asking these standard questions to my cousin who’s writing the boards this year. “How have you done? How much do you expect?...” almost slipped out of my tongue. It amused me how I was now not that timid cow nodding her head to all the advises. I was actually the one spewing them out. “Don’t refer to Deepa Publications for Chemistry, it’s a horrible book…” "Refer to MES for Physics if you have time, it's so conceptual..." She then listened to me with rapt attention, like I was that enlightened one with all the answers. But I certainly didn’t feel any wiser! True, it seems like time is trying to change me too...But here’s wishing my cousin Renu, along with dearest friends Medini, Shravya and Monisha who are writing the boards this year all the very best. May luck stay with all you, along with the unwavering confidence that is always yours! Let’s hope that time is as kind to all of you as it is to me! And yes, I shall repeat that same old phrase without which no board exam is complete: "All the very best! Slay ‘em gals!" :-)


praneshachar said...

come march exam fever board state cbse icse both 10th and 12th it is night mare for some for some it is easy going it all depends on ones own outlook. yes this time II PU exams for state board commenced on 13th and going on 10th state board willstart from 30th march.
so now u r a different person gladto note that sou r out of your shell. let me congrtulate you on this rare feet
all the very best to your cousins friends and to all known and unknown may god gie all of them the strength and courage to go on with your writings have a great time lookforward towa

Praveen G K said...

Nice post, Lakshmi!
I too was wondering, we are already in the March of 2009. I remember telling this to my friends the other day!! It looks as though we have just got into 2009.

Anyway, good luck for your friends, for their March madness :-)

Just someone said...

Time does fly fast doesn't it? Exams, along with all their stress and all, is fun of a different kind...

Good luck on the great path of academic career that you have chosen! :)

keep writing! You write so well!


Very nice post, Lakshmi. Thanks for sharing your views.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Pranesh: Yes, so many people are busy studying for the boards this time! I heard the maths paper was especially difficult,so they need a double serving of luck!
Praveen: Time's too quick, isnt it? sometimes, i feel like swearing it's still january! We have some catching up to do! :D
Just Someone: Thnk u!! Biochem is getting more and more demanding by the day, but im learning to enjoy it! :-)
Raji: Thank you for your comment!

sush said...

Yes, board exams are a NIGHTMARE! My last exam was exactly a week ago, last saturday and im super thrilled to be done !

suhit said...

wow...i had to do the slow march this year...if you know what i mean...its been exactly a week since my boards got over...and well, i cant agree more...its been the slowest month ever...and the day it got over was definetely the best day of my life ;) ...
what you've written there is completely true...the last couple of months, my textbook was god AND the devil... :S ...and even i stopped watching news channels which were giving students tips for the boards...it did make me a lot more tense...it seemed to amplify the importance of boards as though it wasn't important enough already... :S
but it sounds like college is a lot of fun!! :) ...im looking forward to March 2010 now...let's hope i feel the same way then as you do now... :)
really nice blog!! i like your writing a lot!! :)

Nimmy said...

hey Lakshmi! Please accept this blog award from me and blog on!!

meerasworld said...

Thank you lekshmi for your warm welcome:)i have something in common with you:)not in age as iam 19 years older than you:)our love of hatred for studies,i love tintin and asterix and obelix comics,and of course twinkle too:)

Pradip Biswas said...

I hope by now your exams and fever for exam is over and you definitely look for a change and go out somewhere. I am now lucky to sit beside a computer and internet so shall not miss your blog.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

sush: I can totally understand to how the boards feel like! ugh!! Buy yipee, you're done, which is great!! Go out there and celebrate the fun season with some ice-cream! :-) Happy holidays!!
Suhit: welcome to my blog, and glad to know you enjoy my writings! :-) Your blog happens to be on my favorite list as well! Liked the way you considered your textbook both "god and devil" hehe..that's true. What my textbooks are to me also depends on my mood! Happy hols! :D
Nimmy: Thank you sooo much for the award!! Am delighted and honoured! Will write a post on my nominees shortly!
Meera: Hey, thanks and welcome to my blog too! Yes, I guess we have a lot in common! Oh boy, tintin..isn't he one of the best comics ever created??
Pradip Biswas:Well, finsihed my exams, and they weren't the easiest set of exams I wrote...but it's ok, hopefully ive done well for the most part! hehe..yes, i do have a week of spring break, so planning on catching up with myself! thanks for the comment!