Monday, December 13, 2010

Time for a change

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a pile of rocks the moment a human mind contemplates it as a cathedral.”

Those works were painted on glass, somewhere in a cozy corner of your typical downtown museum. They made their way into my notebook yesterday, and eventually into my curious mind. I liked those words enough to ponder them quite deeply.

When you start something, you start it with a purpose. A vision. A dream, a thought. And this blog, it seems, is all about a very personal evolution. In all these years of growing up and growing out of teenage, I have contemplated a lot. More often than not, this space has been more about ME than anything else. I don’t talk about global economics, ending world poverty or architecture. I talk about me. It’s always been that way.

Looks like my pile of rocks is similar to the millions of others that have been constructed all across the blogosphere: A little personal home, stuffed with insights, thoughts and ramblings. And then I thought about those cathedrals, you know. I thought about turning my home into a little cathedral, to allow for other incredible stories to reach this space: to talk more about THEM than just about ME. I thought about stitching something more into my fabric: Stories of the lives of others mingling with my personal experiences. Stories of a journey: not just through pictures of words, but through the very miracle that is the human experience. It's time to bring a change, and I think it's never too late to start.

Recently, I’ve been hearing so much that it would be an injustice not to talk about them: Stories of hope, of valor, of incredible courage and optimism. And they are not all mine. Some come from those everyday individuals that brush the mere surface of my personal experience. And yet, these spectacular stories of their struggles and ambitions penetrate deep into my consciousness to leave me spell-bound. They have moved me, deeply. They are true, incredible and wonderful. And I thought that it was time to bring it all to you, to establish a platform for their voices to reach more people—to touch more lives, to inspire, to teach. And in the back of my heart, this is what I've always wanted to do.  I’ve always been a better storyteller than an orator. You see, there is a difference. I think it’s time to write,...... a little less selfishly. Because others, have stories too--stories just waiting to be told, if we only lend an ear.

A few weeks ago, I started the Tellmeyourstories series. It’s everything I’ve discussed above. It’s about personal stories. Not just mine. It's yours, and theirs and mine. It’s something that we can all relate to and understand: stories of endurance, tenacity, hope, and determination. Some, even aim to highlight those who have been shadowed by time, distress and age. I have been away and infrequent, if you have noticed. This is because I have been working hard to learn the art of photography to help augment my writing. It’s been tough, but I hope it takes me somewhere in the end. I am still learning.

This blog will continue to be all it’s been: a little personal space to describe my experiences. But it will also be a little more than it’s always been: a personal space to describe other people’s experiences too, when I decide to turn the storyteller. Some of these stories come from the way I have perceived them. Others, in the way I have heard them. They are all true stories of human experience. In whichever way, I hope to bring them to you and I hope you’ll like it.

I’m back, folks! And it’s time to tell stories. Yours, mine and theirs.

Because, as I’ve mentioned on countless occasions before….everybody has a story to tell.
I hope you stay with me through this journey.

Much Love,



Omkar said...

Yes, everyone have stories to tell. Most of them are waiting untold and all they need is a pair of ears to be lent towards them. Surprisingly, out of the billions , not even few of them are ready to follow these.
Potrayed as a person who never cared to listen to others, i asked deep inside myself if anyone wanted to hear mine ?. I really didn't deserve that, for i never knew what they wanted to hear from me.
But i'll tell u what guys, don't be disappointed if your stories are untold for god has blessed each of a pair to ourselves and he is always there to hear ours. Lets also lend it those stories which are in need of it.
And here we have someone who's willing to hear some of them . Lets hope that she gets enough of them to make herself a new one.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Omkar sir, sure do appreciate your comment. You see, i can completely relate to what you said, because ive been considered an introvert for wayy too long. i can totally understand hwo it feels to not be able to convey your emotions fully, because in reality, sometimes, i am that way too!!! But i'm learning...when i cannot talk, i write. I'm sure that some of us find different means of expressions...but there is a need for expression in all of us, in my opinion. Don't believe in what the erst of hte world says, what they portray you as, isn't really teh true you. its about being true to yourself, don't you think? :)
yes, god has blessed us with our own ways of saying things.
some say it through music. some, word it. some, talk.
it makes us beautifully different and unique. :)
glad that you are who you are!!! keep visiting!

praneshachar said...

any thing you do u are doing with some purpose even stories carry a message may be about you me them so on and so forth. But the way u carve a post is simply superb that everyone can not do. just keep going and its very nice to see you back waiting for your more thought filled posts stores anything as what ever u do u do it with precision commitment and dedication
look forward for more writings from you

B.R. said...

Stories should be told. Stories of hope, courage, cowardice, greed, compassion, guilt,the dramas of human experience for good or worse for sure have a place. How do you tell them? I read and read a lot. I do not know how to express myself as beautifully as you do Lakshmi. I do not despair. I leave the writings to others. But, as a reader I would like to experience and feel the emotions of the characters the writer writes. That is the unique trait of a good writer and you are one of them. "Time for a change" is one that for a moment teased me and challenged me to think what is going on in your mind, what are your dreams and hopes for the world? What if the dreams do not come true? An uncomfortable thought indeed, but is it not what the writer wants? Keep it coming young lady and help me continue to dream, feel and touch the characters you write about.