Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Care for him, pray with me....

I came to know just yesterday about the fateful incident of a small eight year old boy who fell into a 35ft deep well. That boy if fighting between life and death right now, and most people are most distressed, hoping that boy is still alive in the dark depths of that deathly pit. The poor boy will be scared to death, I am sure, but here is a question. This is not something new. Such things have happened in the past before, and such incidents have been recurring all over the country. Someone fell into such a pit in Chattisgarh just a few days ago and died. The wise men of the world say that we make mistakes, and from mistakes we learn. Well, the condition here is adverse. We make mistakes, and we never learn from them. What is wrong with the people? They should wake up. Why can’t they be alerted by such alarming incidents and try to prevent them in the future?

I don’t know why, the general human reaction if someone falls into a pit, suffers a fatal blow, and if is the government’s fault, everyone immeditatley reacts, angry protests here and there, but as soon as the incident is over, the whole drama collapses and we choose forget what happended instead of trying to find the cause of it all and prevent such things from happening in the future. That costs the life of many innocent boys and girls who have the right to live. We should not let that happen. If the owner of that well had just taken one small precautionary measure of closing the well for the time being, that boy would not be suffering in such a horrible situation right now.

Whatever I say, the fact remains that the boy has fallen into the pit, and I am deeply concerned. So, I thought of a prayer chain. I want to pray for the boy’s well being. Perhaps, if we care enough for him right now, and there is nothing much more to do in these distressed times, then, I hope that that boy will safely return to the welcoming earth once more. Let’s pray for him.

We need to join hands and pray to god for this little boy's survival. Let him get the courage to hang in there, I just want to remind him that all of us are with him. Hang on, Master Sandeep, and I hope fervently that you may survive. Pray for him deeply, my freinds, and remain optimistic. We will be there for him, and bring him a little more courage to fight for his life. Care for him, all of you, and pray with me...