Monday, June 18, 2007

A Change of Heart

Well, my tests are over, the world is beautiful, and I am back to being an active blogger! Ah yes...after a brief lapse when I thought of stopping blogging, I have realized a simple truth. I need a stimulant to make me read, (no, it's not caffine, that's too intoxicating!),and my blog is just the right medicine to boost my neurons to an active condition. If there is a thought clouding my brian, I write it down, or type it into my comp, and zap, it has dissapeared, and my mind then becomes fairly clear, and concentrating becomes easier. I would like to thank Mr. RK, whoever he is, his reply to my previous blog was very encouraging. Thanks for the advise, Mr.Ramachandran also. One of my greatest drawbacks is that I tend to buckle if too much of preasure is put on me. And I have a major exam-phobia, and exams make me mentally ill. I constantly try to push my limits, trying to study for eight hours in one go, etc etc, and that is when everything becomes mundane and quite boring. Constant studying confuses me, and thoughts get muddled up. I guess that's when I need my dose of medicine, and that's when I step into the blogosphere. Besides, I have convinced myself that I won't give up blogging for anything. It only takes five minutes of my time, and it never hurts to take a small break from studying, does it? Being in second year does not mean I need to give up things which I love doing. I can still stare out of the window of the city bus, enjoy the evening breeze, smell roses and relax on a college bench reading RK Narayan's My Days during lunch break...and blog too, cause I love doing it!!


RK said...

i am really happy that:
1. you have started writing
2. your exams are over
3. my words motivated you

(i liked Mr.ERR's response too)

I would like to thank Mr. RK, whoever he is...
for now, just think RK is a die-hard fan of RKN.

best wishes
take care and regards

request you to visit this page during free time:
RK NARAYAN's page on Rambling with Bellur

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Mr. RK, I went to the RK Narayan's page on Rambling with Bellur. A great peice of literary work, sir!! Terrific writing, and it moved me. You see, only the true RKN fans know the importance of Malgudi. As you have said, I can idedntify myself with some of the charecters in his book, and for me, that is important. Also, I think we share the same interests. I can't beleive there is another person who likes RK Laxman's cartoons as much as I do. I simply loved (and still do) love all his cartoons. My school project about an imagined interview with my fav person was with him. I love cartooning and comics, and yes, I used to cut out fav cartoons when I was a child and stick them in books too. ;) For me, cartooning in an important hobby. My inspiration is RK laxman. You are so lucky to have met him. I am planning on taking up classes in ANimation after second year. Among my various ambitions, one of them is to be a part time animator. Really, you have prompted me to write so much.

GVK said...

How about blogging your school project 'interview' with R K Laxman.

RK said...

i second mr.gvk's comment.

can u plz publish your imaginary interview with RKL for us?

thanks in advance

regards and best wishes

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...
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Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...
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sid said...

hey ... how is banglore