Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I remember as children, we used to play the game of tag. Run around in circles, the 'den' trying to catch you, while you desperately try to outrun him. Then, he runs up to you, slaps you in the back and says "Tag, you're it!"...all too familiar. But I did not know tagging has aqquired a different meaning on the net. You actually 'tag' friendly bloggers. I've been tagged, first time by Miss Latha Vidyaranya mam, and as per the rules, I have to state 8 things about myself. Usually, I never pay heed to those "Send this message to five people in five minutes or else you will suffer eternal misery until your death-day" sort of taunting mails and comments, but tagging is friendlier, and fun too, so I have decided to be a sport and quickly jot down 8 things about myself. I know dear readers, I am merely boring you with this. I already talked about myself on my birthday! Ah well...this is for Miss Latha mam then.

8 things about me: (which you did not know)
1) I am a person who likes to see the world as a pretty, happy place to live in, ignoring the viler parts because I find uncomfortable truths hard to digest.
2) I hate anything which is artificial--like artificial fruits in your pretty bamboo basket, or even those plastic flowers you bought home for 15 rupees.
3) I love frosty, cold, or chilly weather, preferably if it is a stormy day with heavy rains. Getting drenched in the rain and swimming are somethings I enjoy.
4) My balcony is one of my most favorite places in the world. It's the place where I study, read, or even reflect on life (don't blink your eyes)
5) I like walking, when I have the mood for it. Walking home from tution in the morning can sometimes seem frustrating, but sometimes, it's really fun.
6) I LOVE to eat things spicy. I always like spicy food, no matter the weather. I even eat the apples and the pomogranites with chilli powder. I love granny's pickles. I hate the unhealthy sweets and never eat too much.
7) I like meeting up with friends and cousins. I have this knack of mingling better with people who are younger than me when compared to my peers.
8) Ah favorite holiday spots happen to be visits to national parks, and not malls. I feel claustrophobic when I'm in a crowd, not at all comfortable. I hate public gatherings and avoid them.
So there you go...8 things about me. So I have kept a promise and been a sport then. I have to tag a person, now, I guess...isn;t that how it works? OK, then, I tag my friend Deepti then! 'Deepti,'re it!"
And the rest of you, sigh in relief and wait for my upcoming blog next Sunday.


Pradeep said...

What I found interesting in this list was the fact that all except the balcony one apply to me as well! I don't spend much time on my balcony except when it is dark, I would prefer to be indoors. Thanks Lakshmi for visiting my blog and commenting.

bibliomaniac said...

Hi Lakshmi! I'm Suchi's daughter...I believe my mom told you that I'd be interested in corresponding with you. I really like your blog and the natural "student" feel to it..I too am an aspiring writer like you. Hope we can correspong online and talk about writing and reading!
P.S.: My "favourite books" list totally matches with yours!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Hey Anushya,
Nice to know you. I went through that wonderfully long poem of yours, and loved it! My! You've got a lot to teach me, high-schooler, and you're mom was asking me for advise! I'd love to promote you more! I have a cousin who has this similar inclination towards these rythemic sort of poems which have a slow pace. To be honest, I'm not into poetry, but I enjoy reading them. I'm that sort of clumsy writer who simply jots down her feelings disorganizedly. But I would love to stay in contact with you. Besides, you work on neopets too? I was on neopets for five years! That was until my account got frozen because I opened more than 5 accounts simultaneously. I owned a baby kougra back then! My present ID is vaayu@ Great, so then, keep writing. I'll blogroll you. :)

bibliomaniac said...

Thanks, it really means a lot to me that someone actually liked my poem. It's really cool to know that you're into you still access your account?

tabassum said...

it is interesting,your lnguage,pleasing.But Lakshmi, isn't it rather contradictory that you dont like the artificial and you like to look at the world not in its true colour but artificially? Is there a better way of presenting those two points?

Vidhya said...

Hi Lakshmi, Nice blog!

Its refreshing to see your posts cause it reminds me of my own college days.

What I like best about your blog is the clarity of thought thats firm yet not arrogant, dreamy but purposeful.

Wish you all the very best.. keep writing and God Bless.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Hello, Jitrashree mam,
Know something? I think you are wonderfully clever! A nice thing to have spotted. Sorry, my mistake. I should have put the things in a clearer way. There's just a thin line of a difference between 'artificial' and an 'illusion'. I hope I could have defined that better. Thanks everyone else for your comments! :)

latha vidyaranya said...

lakshmi, that was very nice of you to have responded so well to my tagging you. kindly excuse my delayed reply.

i agree with you that balconies are the most treasured part of the house to many. i am sure one of these days you will even receive your calling from life there!

all other aspects are very interesting! you have described them so well. specially the one on disliking artificiality about any thing! this shows that you are a very natural and genuine person. keep it up lakshmi! lots of love from me to you.

Arvind said...

interesting facts..
but one more thing on this TAgging.
when ever u give names of the people u tagged and the people who tagged them up that it could be easier for the readers to go to their blogs..
and you have closed anonymnous comments so writing my web address here

latha vidyaranya said...

hi lakshmi, i had placed a comment here 2 days ago. i am not sure if it reached you. ppl are saying that Blogger is not allowing wordpress members to place comments here. hence my doubt.

thanks for responding to my tagging you. i enjoyed reading things about you and i appreciate all of them, more so your likinf artificiality in anything!

latha vidyaranya said...

sorry for the error in the last sentence. it should read "your disliking artificiality in anything"