Friday, April 11, 2008

A Tryst with Coorg

Pristine green hills, reviving winds, Vernal blooms bursting from the undergrowth, the mist of early morning enveloping the colonial houses….where am I? Where else but Coorg! My tryst with Coorg lasted for just two days, but within that time, I have unearthed so much. Once you learn to ignore the heat and bad roads, Coorg unfolds it’s infinite splendor before your eyes. Stretches of untamed forests, wild elephants, silent water pools hidden behind a thick shield of trees…there is so much to discover, and it tempts you to brave an adventure.

Surrounded by adults who don’t match my wavelength, and the absence of chattering cousins bought out the true observer in me. My eyes soaked in every detail of the landscape, and it set me thinking. We stayed over in my Uncle’s house—a pretty one on a hillock, with such a breathtaking view of the surroundings, that it had me mesmerized. I sometimes find inexplicable joy in simple things like the smell of wet earth, a babbling thrush on the pomegranate plants. This place was too beautiful for words. Spending a lonely evening on a terrace on the hillside can give you the true perception of the mystique and grandeur of nature’s creation. The spirit of the forest reverberated in the whistle of the winds, every call of the coucal in the distance. The magic of that environment can only be experienced. It gives you the sense of timelessness—where there is no past, future, or present. There is thrill of surprise every time something streaks past above your head. Visits such as these expand your horizons---to think a little beyond the life of marks, CET, and daily coaching classes. Coorg ignited my imagination and painted it with myriad colours.

This season, Coorg is alive with the vibrancy of life. You will find at least one feathered friend behind every silent thicket. There is no need to tell that it is very rich in it’s biodiversity. I have such a wide variety of birds here---all very exotic (excuse me, but even the common birds of Coorg are exotic in a Bangalorian’s dictionary!). I have spotted Sunbirds, Pied Kingfishers, Coucals, Yellow-billed Hornbills, Drongo (Jungle Crow), black ibises, tailorbirds, blue-jays, a woodpecker, wagtails, and magpie robins. I have spotted this butterfly called Malabar Banded Peacock Butterfly, endemic to Karnataka. Those 2 days, I have felt like I was living in a different part of the world with a true sense of belonging to it. I have seen wild elephants being tamed, seen the hesitancy in the eyes of a spotted deer when a car approaches too close, and even waited like a dreamer with an Umbrella in hand for that elusive woodpecker to return to a nearby tree (it never did!). I have drenched myself in a waterfall (Irpu Waterfalls), sipped coffee outside forest guest houses, and ultimately found deep contentment.. As I once again tackle my books, my mind cannot help but wander to Coorg, with star-sprinkled skies and beautiful flora and fauna and I find myself sinfully wishing for one more trip.
(photos from cousin Renu...)


kallu said...

Wonderful Lakshmi. You've lived every bit of the two days so well and relived it for us lyrically as well.
May your interest in wildlife be source of happiness and joy for you all your life.
Lovely writing and lovely girl.

Kadalabal said...

coorg or kodagu and the way you have put it is remarkable and it shows your love to nature and wildlife great work. I agree with u in toto coorg is a beautiful place you can forget everything once you are there. irpu falls what a great sight and everything is fine your narrating skill are simply superb
you can also see this link for a traveellers view on their visit
see these posts series

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read and enjoy in leisure
have good time all the best for CET


And who could blame you?
You have painted such a picture of tranquil nature - it is so inviting
...silent water pools hidden behind a thick shield of trees...
The spirit of the forest reverberated in the whistle of the winds, every call of the coucal in the distance.. least one feathered friend behind every silent thicket.

You do have a way with words.

narendra shenoy said...

I love the place too. I have some close friends there and had I been capable of it, would have waxed just as lyrical. "Stretches of untamed forests, wild elephants, silent water pools hidden behind a thick shield of trees...". Loved it.

Indrani said...

This is poetry or travelogue. You have written it so well. Don't loose your senitivity to the beautiful things of nature in the mad rush in today's world.

Extremely good write up. Tempts me to visit the place once more. This time will view with your description in mind. :)

narendra shenoy said...

I tag you to fill out this questionnaire
Puh-leeaaase :-)

Pradeep said...

Nothing recharges you like being in the midst of natural greenery. Glad to see you enjoyed every bit. By the way, I am yet to visit Coorg... Should do it.

Roop Rai said...

Great to see your blog. I wish I had started writing at 17!! good luck ... hop to read more from you. :) best wishes to you for ur exams and life!!

Praveen G K said...

You have your uncle's house in Coorg :-) Lucky girl!!!

I assume you went to Madikeri! I went there in my final year of engg. with friends, and we truly enjoyed the place :-)

Next time, when I plan to go to Coorg, I know where to stay :-)

Nice description!!!

Nimmy said...

Hey Lakshmi, Thanks for the comment on my blog....and I am glad I decided to 'follow' you into your blog! Your posts strike a nice chord in me....and I believe we have some similar interests and fancies. I too love remaining still and silent amidst nature and love watching squirrels, birds and so forth. ;) Not to forget, I love English. Speaking of which, I must tell you that you definitely have the gift of the gab....I enjoyed reading your posts and this one in particular is awesome. :) Keep it up! Let's keep in touch via our blogs...!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Sure, Nimmy! I love your posts too! It's a pleasure to have u here, keep writing and stay in touch! Nice to know we have so many similarities!