Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giving your Imagination a chance

I have often been confronted with the question that why is it that I spare so much time and effort to write something as puerile as a children’s story when I could be writing something more profound, mature, realistic. Now, I shall ask you a question. What is that you most enjoyed? Cuddling in your granny’s lap when you were small enough to fit in it, listening to the Ramayana, or the Sunday newspaper you read last weekend?

I believe that a child’s imagination, in all it’s innocent glory is the most splendid thing on the planet. As I have said before, children can dream, dream without any sort of limitation or fear, and this makes their thoughts so original. As we grow up, our creative skills become atrophic, and suddenly, there are no more monsters in your cupboard, and there is no rabbit skulking in the waxing moon. With the emphasis given to logical thinking, imagination normally relapses into dormancy. Even venture to think about something immature and then you’re brain will say, “Now that’s most improbable! There are no fairy princesses…” That’s why, great fantasy writers are so rare.

It is good to occasionally let your imagination run loose and slacken your firm hold on the creative brain, and simply think without reasoning. That’s when you get wild stories of monsters, princesses, witches and beasts. And that is where your children’s stories come from. And there is an enjoyment to be derived from it too, which can soothe your stressed mind. When the world seems like it’s going to collapse the next moment, I find writing a children’s story or doodling something stupid as the ultimate elixir.

Much to my delight, another one of my stories found publication in Tinkle Children’s magazine this month. Given a chance, I would much rather be an Enid Blyton than anybody else….you see, there is a child in everybody that some have imprisoned. In me, That child seems to have a stubborn immaturity that I simply can’t get rid of!

(The above illustrations from my story are a copyright of India book house pvt ltd)


Deepti said...

hey, its realllllly good, u knw, even i have been wondering abt why u dont write big stories...i have got a damn convincing answer!

Maddy said...

Oh! Little girl,

Be a child in your heart always! Nothing makes you happy than being a child.

As you said, we grow and start thinking logically and illogically at times.

Recently there was a get together in park, we all ( both kids and adults) played ""Run and Chase".thats was one of the wonderful moments in our life. We,adult felt we all became kids for few moments. So be a child as and when you get a chance and enjoy those times.

Rinkly Rimes said...

How lovely to have a comment from such a sweet person! People who know me will be surprised at my using the word 'sweet' because I'm often quite sour and acid!!! Usually only in fun. though. But 'sweet' is the word for you. Your points of view and your lovely lovely face .....all sweet.
I'm sixty years older than you, but you'll be pleased to know that, inside, we never get old. And we're never too old to make new friends.

Anonymous said...

Congrats for your published stories.
Dreams are without boundaries but logical thinking have certain boundaries...
Am I right ?
I am...


Dear little Lakshmi, such wise and nice thoughts. May the child in you live on with its innocence intact.

Congratulations on getting published in the print media.

Praveen G K said...

That is so awesome!!! Hearty congratulations, and as always, you impress me with your writing!!!

So, can you email me your story :-)
I would love to read them

Pradeep said...

Hi Lakshmi,

Hope you are doing fine. I am back on the blogosphere; and with a new blog "Sands of Change". It is at:

Please visit it...


kallu said...

Congratulations Lakshmi. Terrific. and long may you find expression in Tinkle

Kadalabal said...

nothing to disagree your explanations are so opt, congrats for the story published in Tinkle. great days ahead after child stories it is your great capacity to write in so vividly u can write anything and everything but choose one which u hv passion for all the best may god bless u