Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 17 mile Drive

[This is on my visit to the 17 mile drive, a scenic drive along the sea side. We visited this place on the 1st September 2008.]

Driving along 17 miles of road, in this sweltering Californian heat isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, but it helps when the sun is forgiving, and the turbulent sea is by your side always, and the numerous crashing wave pools send some sea froth flying to you in welcome. It does lift your spirits, making you forgot how sapped out you were just a few hours ago. One of my favorite things to do on the 17 mile drive is simply throw away my burdens, spending those timeless hours gazing into the horizon. I am carefree here, careless in my observations, (which is rare for me), wasting away those unhampered hours doing nothing significant.

( Seen above is the sunset I witnessed. )
What is not beautiful about the seaside? There is something enchanting which delights your eyes, calms your waywardness, caresses your face with that gentle touch. This place has attracted me three times, but with every visit, I fall more in love with it. And there is this raw beauty in everything around me, right from the crooked, bleached, ghostly trees, to the red moss which hangs limply onto the rocks. This place is the unmasked, bare face of nature and it is animated with life—and that is why it appeals to me even more.

(The little bird I could capture---unfortunately, I couldn’t capture a sea-gull! )

The emotional person gets confused here, because everything looks metaphoric. For those who can extend their visions beyond what they can see, they sense a deep solemnity and a silent majesty in the presence of the lone cypress (which is a tree growing out of a rocky cropping, with very less water to support it, and still has survived for nearly 150 years)….and of course, the sea always seem to be smiling. Yes, I stayed back to watch the sun set over the pacific, and I admit, it’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Well sorry, i’ve been unable to inform you precisely of how my journey was, as I am not much of a researcher, when it comes to writings. I could have provided you with more factual information like how far the sea coast is from freeway 101, and how to get there. It is just that I look at life a bit differently. It does not matter how I got there, or which freeway I took, it only matters that I enjoyed the experience. And that is how I choose to remember most of the things which happen to me—only experiences remain understood, while all the facts are mysteriously erased. Yet, one fact I do remember, that this has been my most enjoyable weekend in America this year. I have had a lot of fun on the trip, and I’ll cherish that.


(The sea in the evening.)

(The lone cypress tree---one of my favorties.)

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Gardenia said...

I enjoyed this piece, and the pictures are beautiful.I liked this best. 'It does not matter how I got there, or which freeway I took, it only matters that I enjoyed the experience.'


Brilliant pictures!

Deepti said...

hey lux, amazing!!! its soo beautiful!]

Pradeep said...

These long drives can be absolutely invigorating, as you rightly point out. Lakshmi, a good writeup. Enjoyed reading it.

Praveen G K said...

Hello Poetess,

What's up? So, you enjoyed the drive! That's great. I have heard that it is one of the good drives in US. Cool!!!!

Indrani said...

Beautiful write up, Lakshmi.
Keep writing!

Kadalabal said...

nice post and amazing pictures u hv taken me round to 17th mile wonderful simply superb


Swarna said...

Wishing you many more moments of nature discoveries!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Gardenia: Thanks for the comment. Visit often!
Raji: Thanks. The credit for some of the photos goes to my brother.
Deepti: Isn't it deeps? REally lovely, i wish u could have been there...we could have talked abt the next HP movie by the seaside. ;-)
Pradeep; Completely agree with u. it helps to take a break once in a while'
Praveen: Yup, great drive. U must soo see it! I had a really nice time esp since it's holidays now. ;-)
Indrani: Tjank you for the comment. Yes, i'll keep writing. :-)
Pranesh: Thank you mr.pranesh. If u drop in here, i can take u to 17 mile drive for real.
Swarna: Thanks for ur wishes. Wow, u have really understood me well, because that's the thing i crave for the most!!!

Kadalabal said...

u r nature lover ecology lover animal lover what not u love everything that that is good harmless to society.
oH!me coming there and u taking me for ride on 17th mile wonderful I am overwhelmed and in floating in the sky!!!!!!ha haah


silverine said...

There is something about the Cyprus. Loved that snap and that tree is my favorite for its grace.