Thursday, September 25, 2008


A few months ago, I chanced across a very good deal while shopping---a brand new mountain bike for 64 dollars, and it seemed like nothing in the world was fairer. The bike conveniently appealed to my taste, with a coat of metallic red which literally shone to heighten it’s presence. A little tweaking here and there, and the bike was ready to come home. We bought it along with us, with the bike securely attached to the back of the car.

The next few days were spent in admiring my shiny new cycle from all angles. It was obvious that I was excited, but I was satisfied enough by simply by staring at it. Then, I delicately locked it away. Only when my brother accused me of not using my cycle for anything did I resentfully take to biking. I only did it to prove him wrong.

Today, biking has become an obsession. When my life relapses into that habitual phase where everything follows a customary order, and everything falls into a predictable plan, It is often my impulse to do something to break the pattern. The pre-decided sequence of things seems like a comforting regularity for many people, who are all too happy to get adjusted to the monotony of daily life. I feel the simple life of college, homework, studies, reading novels, sleep, and food lulls my senses into that sleepy condition, until even surprises look ordinary. And this time, I have taken to biking on a whim, simply to break that sequence. There is nothing like cycling away aimlessly, letting the hours slip by irresponsibly. Having a friend tagging along in your worthless pursuit adds a little more spice. My favorite times to bike are in the evenings, when the heat of the morning fades away like it never existed and the sparrows throng the fences, chirping away madly. I immensely enjoy those moments of waywardness, feeling the winds on my face, allowing them to whip my hair around me playfully, I love the sound of the wheels on the tar, and the honest sweat on my brow as I continue to peddle forcefully. My friend maintains a continuous babble behind me as we peddle and it is now my responsibility to insert a “whoa!” “uh-huh” “Great!” in the conversation. At least, that has grown to be the silent agreement between the both of us.

Well, we bike until late evening until my weary joints stop assisting my urge to continue with this forever. The magic fades, and I return to my daily routine life, my heightened senses quickly slipping back into that dulled stupor, but I look forward to the next day optimistically, promising my friend a greater adventure in the days to come.


Nimmy said...

I liked reading this post. Genuine. From the heart and transporting (pun unintended) the user into your world. :-)

Ashwin said...

Biking is the best. The best way to quench the 'explorer instinct'. The best way to really feel that life's good.

kavya said...

but you din't tell what kind of bike it is!!!!!!!!!!!Does it look a like a kinectic honda or what!!!!!!How to fell riding in the us roads!!!their speed!!!!!!any restrictions!!!!!!!
What is the difference riding in Us and Ind


Praveen G K said...

I love biking too..being in CA, you are blessed with a good weather to ride your bike anytime of the year :-)

Kadalabal said...

a simple and natural narration of the great acquisition and the immense joy and happiness it has brought to you. great and simply great. cycling is one of my favourite when I was young and in college. enjoy your evenings until the winter and may be u have to hve a break then have wonderful and more wonderful evenings
keep posting and your writing skills and narrating way are great and I am a ordent fan of it

Anup said...

Loved your write ups. By no means an amateur.

kallu said...

Lakshmi, a great piece of writing. Can literally feel the wind in my hair and the urge to get a bike myself. :-)
I like your zest for life and the the urge to break any pattern.

Sneha said...

a very insightful and wonderfully written post!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

nimmy: Thanks for stopping by, once again!!! Glad to see u here.
Ashwin: Sir, really need to be inspired by you, i know how much you bike. esp from bangalore to mysore, i dont think i could have pulled that off!! really, i'm a great fan of yours!
Kav: hey, thanks, kav. but it's not a bike as in kinectic honda, it's a cycle. we call it 'bike' here for some insane reason.
praveen: yup, great weather!! But we dont get to make snow angels or have snowball fights like u people did in rolla!!
Mr. Pranesh: Well thanks for the comment. Yes, i have a winter break. So until the sun is shining, i'm out on my bike riding!
Anup: Thanks sir. Keep visiting!!
Kallu: Thanks for the comment! Hope u feel the wind enough in your face to buy a new cycle for urself n blog on it! I would lov to read that!
Sneha: Thanks, sweet cousin. are you back from london yet? hw was the trip?

Abraham Menacherry said...

Great post! and good to know that more and more people are taking to cycles.

I use it to commute to office daily. Cycling has been a rewarding experience till date.